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Meet Our New and Youngest Helper at The White Squirrel Shoppe

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Hi Y’all!   Meet our newest (and youngest) helper,  Thomas.

"I just got my first "real job" last weekend. I am 12 years old and work here at the White Squirrel Shoppe on the weekends helping out with odd jobs.  You will see me out in front of the shoppe spinning a "Follow Me to the White Squirrel Shoppe" sign (which I designed and constructed myself).....or other times you will see me driving the White Squirrel Mobile (a white squirrel stuffed animal strapped to a remote-control toy car) outside the shoppe. I'm learning how to scan barcodes, wait on customers, collect money, make change, use a credit card reader, stock merchandise, design flyers and coupons, and do marketing.  And today, I learned how to do a blog post!”

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  • Adam on

    I am so proud of you Thomas! Keep up the inspiring work.

  • Thomas on

    hi yall its thomas, the subject of the article

  • Forrest Roles on

    I am going to the shoppe in early April when the weather improves. Thomas is a good salesman.

  • Sarah Getts on

    Congratulations Thomas, you will be an asset to the White Squirrel!

  • Michael on

    Nice job friend. I can’t believe you have a job, I don’t yet. I really hope you become successful soon.

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