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Hi y'all, it's Thomas.  Today I will be telling you about the White Squirrel Shoppe's vast variety of T-Shirts. The ones I will be telling you about today are the black Brevard, NC T-shirt and the "Excuse me, your bird feeder is empty" T-shirt . The bird feeder shirt is very special to me. It was the shirt I bought when I got my job. It is made of high quality cotton and is soft to the touch. When you see the text and picture on the shirt you cannot stop yourself from laughing out loud. The Brevard, NC shirt is also great. It has a large white silhouette of a white squirrel with "Brevard, NC" written underneath it. The shirt also has a handy pocket on the front so you can store things like your cell phone or your keys. It also has a smaller version of the design on the back. Have a great day!  (Hi Michael, Grand, GranFred, GranJan, Tata Magi, Uncle Calvin, Cynthia, Carter, Emily (not my cousin), Emily (my cousin), Mom, Dad, Chas, Lynn, Lindsey, Anthony, Sarah, and JP.)    Please comment if you like this article.

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  • GranFred on

    GranJan and I both want a shirt. I need xxxlarge and she needs medium. How do I send my credit card? No need to mail them. You can bring them when you come.

  • Jeremy on

    I’m delighted by your efforts, son, and by you. I plan to pick out a shirt soon.
    - Your Dad JM

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