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White Squirrel Crossing Sign

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Hi y'all...it's Thomas and today I will be telling you about the "White Squirrel Crossing" sign. The sign is perfect for your driveway or any room in your house/apartment. The sign, while funny, spreads a good message. People should look out for white squirrels and other animals in the road. This sign perfectly fits Brevard culture of white squirrellyness. I think that every road in Transylvania County should have this sign. When I first saw this sign, I thought "this will be perfect for my house!", and it is. This sign will make you smile every time you see it. This sign looks exactly like a sign you would see in a highway construction zone. It measurement is 12''x12'' inches, so it is perfect to fit almost everywhere. And the best part...it only costs $18.99. There even is a handy nail hole so you can nail or screw it to a wall, door, ect.... 

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  • Fred Hunt on

    Good marketing!!!

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