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Book - For Children - "Perri" by Felix Salten.....Author of "Bambi"
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Book - For Children - "Perri" by Felix Salten.....Author of "Bambi"

$ 8.99
Perri, a child squirrel with a beautiful red coat, lives with her mother in the oak tree.  Together, they play, gather nuts, and soar from branch to branch.  Spring turns into summer and Perri begins to explore on her own.  She learns about survival, friendship, and love as she observes and interacts with the complicated world around her.  Most exciting of all, she meets a three-year old human girl who can understand and talk to animals.  One day, Perri's mother does not come home to the oak tree, and Perri must learn to survive on her own.  Though the forest can be a dangerous place, she knows she can always rely on her friends in times of need.

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