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White Squirrel Metal Ornamental Garden Art

Lorraine Skala Adopt a Squirrel Garden Art for Your Terrace Indoors & Outdoors Art Locally crafted Metal Garden Art Ornamental Garden Art

Why not adopt a white squirrel family to your garden place or add the art work around your terrace? Variety sizes of white squirrels are available:

                 Baby squirrel 5”x4” with a 15 ½” garden stick

                 Small squirrel 7”x5 ½” with a 21” garden stick

                 Medium 9”x7” with a 21”” garden stick

                 Large 15 ½”x7” with two 8” garden sticks

The garden art squirrels are made of metal, crafted by a local artist, and are coated with a finish that can be placed indoors or outdoors.

                                  Price $16.99 - $29.99

We will be happy to ship these items to your home or as a gift to someone special. Call the White Squirrel Shoppe at 828.877.3530 or shop online at https://www.whitesquirrelshoppe.com/collections/bird-room/products/copy-of-metal-white-squirrel-garden-stake

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