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"Okay...Who Fired The Maid?" Wood Block Sign

Lorraine Skala "Okay...Who Fired The Maid?" decoration fired funny humorous maid The White Squirrel Shoppe White Squirrel Shoppe whitesquirrelshoppe wood block sign www.whitesquirrelshoppe.com

Hi y'all.....Its Thomas and today I'm going to tell you about the "Okay...Who Fired The Maid" wood block sign. This sign is perfect for anyone who has a messy house or apartment. The Shoppe has a large variety of funny wood block signs. This one really touched me because the finished basement of my home is messy, as if the maid was fired. In my basement I have an "Okay...Who Fired The Maid?" sign on top of the printer. I also have a White Squirrel Crossing sign (the subject of tomorrow's blog post :D). The sign is delightfully funny and makes you laugh whenever you walk past it. The sign costs $9.99. A new shipment will arrive soon. Thanks for reading my blog post. Please comment if you like this post.

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  • Jim Skala on

    That post resonated with me! I have a very messy garage. I wonder the same thing when I go out there…”who fired the maid?!?”

  • Fred Hunt on

    Love your post!!!

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