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The White Squirrel Stuffed Animal

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Hi Y'all......it's Thomas.  Let me tell you about the White Squirrel stuffed animals. This product is very special to me because it was the first thing I bought at the White Squirrel Shoppe. (I also bought an "excuse me, your birdfeeder is empty" shirt, [the subject of tomorrow's blog post :D]).   When I went to the register to purchase the items, I paid for them with a $50 bill. Lorraine (the owner) asked me where I got my money and asked me if I had a job. So I asked her for one. She said.... yes, if my mom said yes.  My mom said yes, and I got my first "real" job. The fur is made of high quality materials and is super-soft to the touch.  Its little white squirrel face is so cute you just want to hug it and love the squirrel forever. They are very lovable and great for children.

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